When in military school I was chess champion for one year.

I had a standard system to win with. I had my opponent underestimate my hand until I was ready to play it. I tried to set up ambushes that were not obvious to the eye until it was time to make the surprise move and declare “Checkmate!” I tried to make sure the opponent underestimated me but I did not underestimate him. I only went so far playing chess and did not shoot for the national championships. I admit I played against the chess champion who had beat the chess champion of Phillips Academy at Andover, Massachusetts and beat him at a challenge chess game but that is as far as it ever went.

The following answers to the pending dangers America faces are produced by my chess mind mentality. To have the right answers for the pending surprise intended challenge from the enemy, you have to anticipate how the enemy thinks and carries out what he thinks smart to do. You have to hopefully read the mind of the opponent what strategy the opponent is going to use in advance. He is not going to fight you unless he thinks that he can beat you in a war or struggle between nations. Break his self-confidence and no war starts. If he feels cocky about fighting you, then a war is always possible if he sees reason to start this war or struggle between him and you being the leaders for the two sides about to clash. Always smart to respect your enemy. Give him or her the evaluation that they might be smarter than first appearances indicate and set up your checkmate plans for various situations on the basis of not underestimating them when the anticipated situation occurs.

Checkmate situation: Enemy thinks that he can beat America in a total war. Checkmate answer: I had meetings with a defector from the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies years ago. He got tired of the Cold War and did not want to bother with either side so slipped out of Moscow and came unannounced to America. I had a wide network of underground sources and by a contact I will not identify here got to meet with him and we became friends. He did not want to deal with the Pentagon as he judged they would blow his cover and Moscow would find out where he was at now and have him murdered within one week of when they found out where he was at. He knew I would not blow his cover and he trained me like the Soviet generals in nuclear tactics to annihilate America. I shared a bit of information with the Joint Chiefs of Staff but not the top Soviet tactic of how to annihilate America with nuclear warfare. In case of pending war, I could quick brief the Pentagon on this Soviet ultimate weapon concept for nuclear warfare and America would have its defense in time. But if radicals got control of Wash., D.C., then I would not arm them with this tactic that can annihilate any nation on earth including China or Russia in turn. With Russia, if they knew America now had this answer, this would be a Mexican standoff as neither side could afford to annihilate the other side with this nuclear warfare method as they would annihilate America in turn with this same method as we would annihilate them with. But as for China which is too cocky that they can defeat America in a nuclear war, this would automatically annihilate all of China if used on them. China realizes this and they will lose their nerve to try and annihilate America. Checkmate on China as this nuclear warfare system can be swiftly set up if required.

American economy suddenly collapses and government does not know what to do to put economy back on its feet. I spent around 3 years cracking the economic secret how Nazi Germany rearmed itself so fast by a top secret economic system that they had. I studied many Nazi documents in English and finally spotted what they had done. Clever to say the least! I later got the testimony of an exile Nazi captain who had been in charge of security at Hitler’s mountain retreat for weekends. Once in an idle moment Hitler boasted of this great economic system how Germany got so strong so fast by a top secret economic system not revealed to the German people. The codename for the top secret Nazi economic system was “The Inverted Inflation.” Hitler explained why that name. I had cracked the top secret economic system that made Nazi Germany so strong so fast prior to World War II, but did not know of the Nazi code name for it until I got the testimony of this exile Nazi captain. He confirmed I was right in my analyzis and this gave me tremendous credibility for smart brains in economic science with economists in America and Europe. I then got to study with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe and trained by them to be their successor to the branches of economic science that they were pioneering.

I finally tracked down that Nazi intelligence had spotted the economic plan of Bernard Baruch ignored by America of how to fast boom the American economy since it was an industrial based economy. He wrote this after being the industrial war czar of America under President Wilson for World War I and the Nazis wanted to study him for smart ideas in how to set up the German war industry and by accident ran across this economic plan released one time by Bernard Baruch at the end of World War I and bored Americans were not interested in his economic concept he had come up with having run the war industry of America in World War I. This industrial economic system could be used with free enterprise, socialism up to and including Communism, could be used with the Jesus Money system used with colossal success four times in history, and hybrid economic systems. It was used in part by President Harry Truman who prevented the crash of the American economy after the end of World War II having been advised how to do this by Bernard Baruch, but Harry Truman used only part of this system suggested by Bernard Baruch in his original report on this. Truman did not know that there was more to this system than what Bernard Baruch told him.

I have been dealing with advanced agricultural tactics which should give America super crops when used both as to production and as to super nutrition in the food raised in America which also would make the food taste better than rival foods raised elsewhere in the world.

I have assembled hundreds of checkmate answers for society that means the research work has already been done and they are ready for use as soon as needed by society.

The German economy had been smashed by the World Depression and fast revived as a national economy by using the Bernard Baruch concept ignored by America. In fact, Nazi Germany now had the fastest growing economy in the world after using this during the World Depression.

If the American economy suddenly crashes, make me economic czar of America for six months and I will put the American economy back on its feet overnight by the Bernard Baruch concept which the Nazis codenamed “The Inverted Inflation.” The Washington politicians and economists do not know how this Bernard Baruch concept of accelerated national economics works. So use me to save the neck of America when the economy has crashed and checkmate on the pending economic collapse of America as an economy and nation.

I have hundreds more of checkmate answers to solve the deadly crisises and threats to America in time of national disasters. Pass my Omni Law shown on my website and I stand as a ready answer to get America out to national jams when the national leaders of America are stuck and do not know the type answers that will work to turn America around and save it as a nation. Pass my proposed Omni Law and I the checkmate leader as no one else in Wash., D.C. knows these checkmate answers which have worked before and will give America victory in a crisis instead of facing pending national disaster and collapse of America as a nation. I have a bloodhound instinct as a research scholar and verify the effectiveness of the answers I find in history and military intelligence records.

If I am to use any of these checkmate answers to save the neck of America, I always surround myself with bright and brilliant people. I like discussion with all these brains and if they see the answer I see or if my answer inspires them to come up with a better answer than mine, then we back the answer that makes the best sense to us to use for America. I don’t believe in ego but results in this checkmate system of supplying answers for America when badly needed by America. God did not make me dumb, but no man or woman has a monopoly on smart brains. As my mother used to say and she was super brilliant as a child and later woman, “A Good leader is a good evaluator” meaning you listen to all the answers suggested and pick and back the smartest answer available to you for any given situation that you must solve for the nation.

If America wants this “checkmate” system of leadership for America, then promote and pass into national law my proposed Omni Law shown on my website and gives the American people the legal right of referendum over the national government to force it to be the servant of the American people and not their intended master. This is based upon the ancient Roman concept of 10 civil tribunes for the Roman people to protect their rights under law from tyranny under government and to set up national referendums for the people to pass into legal authority proposed laws or policies that the people want for the nation they live in. The Romans like me always respected the practical answers as the answers they wanted to govern the Roman people with. James Madison, “Father of the U.S. Constitution” and “Father of the U.S. Bill of Rights” wrote that he judged the Roman concept of civil tribunes for Rome was the smartest concept of ancient man to protect his legal rights from tyranny in government and to force the government to be the servant of the people instead of their intended master. But he judged that the American leaders would respect constitutional government enough so setting up civil tribunes in America would not be necessary. On that point he underestimated how corruption in government would remove legal integrity from too many of the leaders in government. He should have backed setting up civil tribunes also which as a concept was debated about at the constitutional convention under George Washington as president of the constitutional convention. They thought the leaders that this system of government would raise up would respect constitutional government too much and civil tribunes would not be needed also in this government. History shows their error in judgment on this point! We have a highly corrupt, irresponsible government and need to be more Roman in character as the answer to corruption and irresponsibly we regularly get from this government in Wash., D.C.

They used to teach in American schools in detail how Roman society was set up and worked. The founders of America thought the practical nature of the Roman people should be repeated in the building of American character. As Thomas Jefferson complained maybe in jest, American education taught the Americans back then how to be Romans in American character. The Checkmate leader in America encourages Americans to think as a practical people instead of “politically correct” which is a socialist tactic to train the American people to think like socialists and Communists in America. The founder of the “Politically Correct” movement in America was a Communist leader who had to flee Nazi Germany and came to America. He was financed by wealthy Americzn iberals to set up the “politically correct” movement in America as a way to establish Communism in America by brainwashing the youth of America in Marxist teachings. That is history, not fiction! And as a practical leader, I mention that the Soviet spy ring when trying to persuade my industrial father to show the Soviet Union how his great food discovery was made industrially, they said that they would win America anyway because they were teaching the American students Communism through the school systems and finally would end up with America won to Communism anyway. My father was anti-Communist and would not help them to win the world to Communism by letting them get his great food discovery and use it propaganda wise to try and win the world to Communsim by solving the food problems of the world by using his great food discovery if they knew how to duplicate it. The Catholic Digest in the 1950’s wrote up this story of the Cold War and also mentione how the Vatican also endorsed this as potentially the greatest food discovery in human history. In fact, not mentioned in the Catholic Digest article on this, Pope Pius XII endorsed this as potentially the greatest news for mankind since the coming of Christ since this food discovery of my father could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world. But for Washington corruption pulling all its tricks to block this great food discovery from America and the world, this would have been established all over the world one half century ago. The leaders for around 70 nations met with my father and wanted this for the people of their nations. But for corruption from Wash., D.C., their wish for their people all over the world would have been fulfilled decades ago and America become richer and the most powerful nation in the world in world food and health due to my father”s great food discovery creating a great food industry in America and throughout the world.

Pass this report around as all of America should see this message of this report. My national website is Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the son of this great food researcher who discovered how to make the wonder health bread publicized as a gift from God for the survival of mankind in Exodus 23:25. Postnote to this report on Sept. 26, 2016. Maybe the Obama White House did not like this report or else other powers that be in America. I sent out maybe about twenty five copies of this report yesterday and today I found no records in my email files of having sent these reports out. Also, copies of this report had disappeared from one main file of mine for the internet. Fortunately I have a complex security system and had more copies of this report with a separate filing system. I picked up this report again, added a couple of notes to it and now sending it out again on Sept. 26, 2016. I guess they are afraid of a man with answers that America needs but not working with them or for them. They want to totally betray
America and ruin its future, but I am like a guardian angel to America and saved it from defeat in the Cold War which I foresaw a coming crisis to America and prepared my Slavic Royal Alliance Ruse starting maybe six months before Athey samerican intelligence would see it coming. An F.B.I. informant after all this was over got to talk to the head of the Soviet spy ring in America a few years later and the Soviet spy head admitted saved America from hat he said was certain defeat of America in the Cold War. I got congratulations later on from top military at the Pentagon and more quietly some F.B.I. officials who realized that what I did had saved America from being militarily defeated in the Cold War. The spokesman for the Pentagon orally giving me an intelligence charter from the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon said that I was rated the “Michaelangelo of American military intelligence” for the Slavic Royal Alliance Ruse and gave me a blank check of authority to do what I judged was necessary for the national defense of America. I was told to create masterpieces for the national defense of America, but they did not tell me what masterpieces to create or how to create them. That was up to me. And I think it was 1990 when the F.B.I. came to me, very respectfully, and asked me to help keep America out of a pending nuclear World War with the Soviet Union still in power then. I knew the Soviet plans by a method of spying I did not tell Washington intelligence about and my World War III information kept America out of a pending nuclear World War III with the Soviet Union desperate for a quick victory due to pending famine in the Soviet Union and a pending collapse of the economy of Russia then if things were not turned around then.

I will be blunt. You the American people are facing enemies both inside of America and more to watch out for, some enemy nations are planning the pending destruction of America as a nation and people. Pass my Omni Law and now, and let me work with smart people in Wash., D.C. who are still loyal to America while pretending to work with the traitors in key positions in Wash., D.C. We can straighten things out and give America a bright future. But America needs me far more than you realize because I have answers needed by the nation but also I have brilliant friends and collectively we are a force to be reckoned with in smart answers for America and the world.

Pass this report around as we have a very deceptive, dishonest news media in America working for the wrong interests in America rather than you the American people. By the way, if you were a practical people like the ancient Roman people, you would financially back my movement as much as you can. When the Roman people lost a Roman navy to the enemy, they did not surrender like other nations would have. The women sold their jewelry to pay for another Roman navy, the men did what they could to raise money, and with their new Roman navy they smashed the enemy naval power and Rome was saved from military collapse and defeat. My website again is

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William W. Lee