Food Police Targeting Sugar Just in Time for Halloween

I’ll tell you what. You give children carrots and celery on Halloween, and you know what you’ll get in return?EGGS!

Obama Pursues Plan to Implement “Immigration Reform” Unilaterally

He’s expecting to lose to the Republicans, and he knows his plans won’t get through Congress if they do win. So he’ll just ignore Congress, and the Constitution, and write his own law.

American Concentration Camps: “Will Be Used To Enforce Medical Martial Law For The Sick… And To House Political Dissidents”

It can’t be used yet. The number of cases is too small! But just wait. I’m sure the places are being readied, and kept clean for those that will be sent there.

Charlie Rangel: Some Republicans ‘Believe That Slavery Isn’t Over’ – Business Insider

Lincoln was a Republican! Didn’t General Lee surrender to General Grant?If someone is a slave, it’s by their own choice. The biggest plantation now is Democratic Party! They’re the biggest slave holders!

Software Expert: “Incredibly Suspicious”… Democrats are Cheating –

What? The Democrats cheating? Some cheating on behalf of the Democrats? Who would do such a thing as that? Surely that’s not criminal behavior now is it? Eric Holder should look into it right away. I’m sure he will, won’t he?

How to Back Hillary Into a Corner – Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush – POLITICO Magazine

You realize that Hillary will finish off the destruction of the United States that Obama has started, if she’s elected. She is considered more Liberal then Obama. She is another disciple of Sal Alinsky and will continue in his work.

UK: Muslim child sex exploitation “now normal in parts of Greater Manchester” | Pamela G eller, Atlas Shrugs

They’ve been allowed to take over, and that’s exactly what they are doing. Now that they have gotten this far, they’re not going to stop or backdown either. They’re going to keep on pushing for their WAY OF LIFE.
That’s exactly what this is also! MUSLIM CULTURE!