Radiation Expert: Horrific health toll from Fukushima — “Impossible not to be moved by scale of deaths and suffering” — Thousands to die of cancer and that’s just the tip of th e iceberg — Number of dead babies significantly increased in many areas of Japan — Governmen t actions unconscionable (AUDIO)

What else do you need to know about what is happening in Japan, and it’s only going to get worse. There is no end in sight! What’s being done for them? The threat area is only going to grow as the radiation continues expand.


William W. Lee

China crisis infects other emerging markets | GulfNews.com

Even the Middle Eastern countries are feeling the affects of what is happening in China.


William W. Lee

Indian sisters told they will be repeatedly gang-raped as punishment for their brother’s crime launch appeal at Supreme Court – Home News – UK – The Independent

How is this Justice?


William W. Lee