OBAMA & UN: Continue to Pretend Climate Change is the Biggest Threat to the World at Conference in Paris – Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

What is happening in Paris with the Climate Change Summit is actually intended to be a distraction from the real threat.


William W. Lee

The Only Video You Need to See About Immigration and Refugees That Uses… Gumballs

Are you having problems understanding the situation with our immigration problems? Check out this video.


William W. Lee

The United States of El Chapo: DEA’s cartel map of America shows the fugitive drug lord dominates almost the whole of the US  | Daily Mail Online

You wonder why there is so much vocalization about our Southern border?


William W. Lee

Bill has shared news from Before It’s News

Bill thought you might find this news interesting from BeforeItsNews.com

13 Items Muslim Cleric Says Have To Be Banned Once Islam Reigns Supreme
(Before It’s News) WOW. This turned out to be WAY more than I bargained for. After stumbling across the following list of items Anjem Choudary has informed the world that Islam will have to ban once it reigns supreme, both the guy and the lis…
You can see the whole story at http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2015/11/13-items-muslim-cleric-says-have-to-be-banned-once-islam-reigns-supreme-2760310.html

Message from wwlee4411: How are the words DEFINED? Idolatry? What constitutes idolatry? Stocks? What makes up owning stocks? Is there no limit? Insurance? What’s wron g with that? Why? Define and explain each one of the items listed!

Before It’s News

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Hillary Clinton’s million little lies | New York Post

Hillary’s multitude of lies don’t matter. After all she’s supposed to be our next PRESIDENT. After all, she’s a woman. All of her accomplishments have been failures, but so what. She’s Hillary. She “DESERVES” to be President.


William W. Lee