Eric Trump, send this to your father in the White House. They tried to sabotage this report and got caught altering this report in part. They are Obama loyalists in C.I.A. who tried this to sabotage Pres. Donald Trump on March 20, 2017 and without court order to do this! Report this to Congress immediately!

THE OBAMA LOYALISTS IN C.I.A. TRIED TO PLAY THEIR HAND AND MADE IT OBVIOUS THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO BLOCK ME FROM SAVING AMERICA FROM ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. For example, my assistant’s car apparently had the water pump sabotaged shortly after a new water pump had been put on the assistant’s car. Also, with tight security on the assistant’s home, they being C.I.A. (disloyal branch loyal to Obama and not President Donald Trump) broke into this home using C.I.A. tactics and stole a long row of books from the long book shelf. Later in the week they returned the books back to the book shelf. They were hoping I left top secret research notes with the assistant since security at my house is now so tight that they cannot break into there whether any time day or night without being caught! I respect security too much and do not have research notes around on how to build the German ultimate weapon system which the top defense engineer of America in 25 years of the Cold War jointly with me worked on and we completed the Nazi technology and ultimate weapon design that was left over by Adolf Hitler to defeat the Allies with once the 4th Reich arose. But I got it and not the intended Nazi heirs to this top ultimate weapon secret of Nazi Germany from World War II days. Hitler’s plan of revenge from the grave on America, Russia, etc. for defeating Nazi Germany will never happen now as the top secrets to this fell into my hands and not the German scientists and engineers intended to get this years later! Also, there are other secrets of mine the Obama loyal C.I.A. team tried to get but my security for them to crack is elaborate and maybe I have these secrets stored elsewhere across America at a location only I know.
The C.I.A. years ago pulled a similar tactic of going through my books, videos, etc. at my house and did get my video copy of a French recorded collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and showed that they collapsed due to demolition charges each floor and not due to a plane crashing into the top building. A former demolition expert from the U.S. Army had reviewed this video recording and commented that the colored dust coming out of each floor in sequence was demolition charges going off, and not due to the plane collapsing the tall building. I had mentioned in a national report that I had this documentary video which was a baited trap for C.I.A. They fell for the bait, stole the video from my large collection of videos then, and then I released a new report saying that this trap showed the involvement of C.I.A. trying to remove legal evidence on the Twin Towers 9/11 attack. Now I waited for the next move of C.I.A. which I predicted to myself in advance. They returned the stolen video, only supplied me a better copy of it than what was stolen and put it in the wrong place. I kept documentary videos in a special section and they returned it into a pile of videos and buried it one layer or so below the top of the stack of videos. I would never have put a documentary video in that stack. But they blew their identity by stealing the video which was legal evidence on who set up the 9/11 attack and gave me back a better copy of it than the original copy stolen from me. They knew the source that I would have obtained this video tape from and amazed me that they were so dumb as to return to me a better copy of this documentary video tape than the original stolen from me. I am full of tricks in military intelligence to flush out the other side and reveal their identity or what they are really up to in America to try and destroy it with. I didn’t waste my time in military academies and studied military intelligence tactics from many military references during my eleven calendar years in military academies before becoming a history major at a large university in America.

I need some operational funds to set up my secret plan to rescue the American economy from its planned collapse from enemies of America such as Obama, etc. who with his gang inside the federal government has been scheming for this for a number of years now. Among fields I professionally studied was economic science and studied with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including a German economist who had been endorsed by Albert Einstein when alive as teaching the only true economic science in the 20th century. He taught scientific free enterprise to stop socialism up to Marxist socialism called Communism which is the common name for it in economics. Look under Products listing for Omni Law Loan Program pay buttons.
Folks, share this report with all you know in America as America hangs in the balance of survival or else collapse as the following report written by someone else with a prominent background shows. My formula derived from a study of 84 economic systems in economic history shows how to stop this plan for the planned engineered collapse of the American economy by enemies of America domestically and internationally.

Nesara News link below of today for report on the planned economic crash of America and now! P. S. These Obama C.I.A. had the nerve. They removed from this report my two listings of my website

Something big is afoot in Shanghai

Special Note Here: Speaking of dumb, dumber,and dumbest, they removed my two website links in my report and my two listings of my email. They were recorded in earlier copies of this report as it was being prepared, and we tracked it down. In a 4 minute interval, they removed the two links for my website and the two listings of my email address which showed in previous copies of this report as I was preparing this report today. Did they have a court order to do this or did this criminal felony act strictly on their own authority from Obama who no longer is in the White House? Show this report as is to your state representatives and representatives in Congress. Let’s arrest the traitors in government trying to undermine President Donald Trump from the White House!

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